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There just realy nothing I want to talk about, It’s been two weeks and just nothing is comeing up to realy talk about yet. We the players of EQ2 have GU 52 coming up and there has been a little bit of stuff that has came out on it, But I don’t want to do what I did last time and have 15 post about a dang game update. I’ll at lest give it time to hit test before we go into that.


My guild is back down to only 4 members that play, and a bunch of members that will be gitting kicked out soon. I set up two rules at the start, I did not want to be guild full of members that did not play. So if you have not let us know that you are going to be back and you just stop playing, You have 30 days to come back. After the 30 days and still you are a no show, I put you as a inactive member. When you hit this area you can not use the bank any more. You have another 30 days left in the guild, If you do show back up and start playing again then you are set back up as a member and all is good. If you don’t make it back in time, You get kicked out of the guild. I feel that giving some one 60 days is more than enough time.

The only good news about the guild is that it’s about to be full of level 80’s. Full being 4 members that are lvl80. Any way othere than doing a lot of quest and guild groups, making Plat/PS to keep the guild hall open and buying the last of my spell, I’m not doing any thing to write home about.


One last thing, After reading a blog that was talking about “giving credit where credit is due” I started thinking about the way I have been talking only the bad side of EQ2. I want to put a stop to this, Not saying I want say “HEY, EQ2 STOP F’ing up” when I feel they are going the wrong way. I just want to start  looking at some of the things that they do well. The thing is, It’s hard for me to see the good, Maybe it’s that I trianed myself to see the bad and not the good. I don’t know, Any way I am going to be trying to come up with some things to say “Atta boy”


Take a few minutes out of your fun on Memorial day and remember our men and weman that are fighting, The ones that made it home, And of the fallen.

Thank you all for making/keeping us free


Alik Steel


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  1. I checked your post out because I’m bored and drunk. Then you almost made me cry with the last 2 sentences.

    EQ2 has the best crafting of any mmo ever, if you are looking for a reason to stick around.

    Comment by Coppertopper | May 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hmmm … well, I can see how The Shadow Odyssey discourages people in small guilds. Just to add a couple of other things that are good in EQ2 besides the crafting system, look at the guild system, player housing, and the insane amount of storage space to hold our loot we have compared to games like WoW.

    Comment by Noizy | May 24, 2009 | Reply

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