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On June 10, 2008 I started my blog to see if I could keep it up and going for a year. Why would I want to do that you ask? Well, I was wanting to start a podcast, I have been wanting to do a podcast for years now. When I started the blog my thoughts was to see if I could keep this going, and if I could then just maybe I could do a podcast, and not pod fade like so many other had. There was a podcast a few years back that pod faded a year or so back. I think I started listening to it about a year befor it died. From that podcast, came a lot of other shows. I started looking for any type of podcast I could find. It was long into me finding this new world of podcast that I was wanting to do one for myself. But what would I do a show about? I had no idea what to do it on. My MMO, Nope could not do that, because I was driving coast to coast in my big rig for a living and never got to play much. Hell never got to come home much at all in them years. Any way I played around with making one and I am sure if you look for it you could find it some where out there. I a grown man, Thought about doing a podcast for Harry Potter books. Not just the HP books, but for the fan books. I did one beta show, and it was so bad that I never tried it again, Well that’s not true I have made some, But never put them out there for any one to ever hear. So now that I have it down a little better than I did on that first try, I said before I went on and started a show. I wanted to prove to myself that I could keep it going for more than a few months. About a year ago now I started this blog to test myself. I have not done as well as I wished I would have. I have not had a blog fade, but there was one month that I did not post at all, and a few months that I only had a few post. The thing is, Till today I have not given much thought over the last year about how many post I have done or even how should I be at this close to being a year old.

No idea how many I should be at, or how many I should do by the end of this next coming year. You know as i sit hear typing this up I’m thinking of the podcast that I listen to now. Not one of them does it week after week. Even the bi-weekly shows don’t get it out on time half the time. So maybe I am not as bad off as I think I am. This may take some thinking on, As I don’t have lot of hours I could put into this. One thing that is for sure if I was to do a show it would have to be at lest a bi-weekly show. Also I would almost have to do it on EQ2 or even SOE as that is what I follow most.

For a lot of you out there with your on blogs, 100 post may not be that many to you, But I really didn’t know I would even last a half a year, Much less making it to post 100. I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and hope to see you in another 100 post.

Alik Steel


May 10, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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