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Vivox, and Me

A few month back I talked about how my guild was not happy with the in-game voice chat. Some time after that I was contacted by some one from Vivox. Her name Maggie and she wanted to know if we could link up some night in game, And have a chat about what was going on. That was what it ended up being. Just a chat, But I hope that the chat we had will help not just us, but every one in game that has been having thing go wrong. A few of our things was the fact that some of our members that live on the othere side of the world. Vivox is bassed here in the U S, So some of it was just the fact that it has to bounce so far back and back and forth. The problem with people breaking up was, Something that they thought maybe had to do with the computer processor having a heavy load on them. We also talked some about something they knew nothing about. We (being my guild and I ) have something that makes people sound as if they are having a RF interference. They told us to do a few things for them and send it to them, and they would hand it on up the line. In the end we knew a little more about what was going on with the in-game voice and found out that the people over at Vivox are some great people that realy do want to help us all. Thank you Maggie and Nancy for taking time out of your home time to come out and try and help us. I thank you and my guild thanks you both.

Now if you don’t know what Vivox is,  here is there main site. What they do is give MMO game’s a voice chat, Right there in the game. In EQ2 they have it where if you join a group the group voice chat comes right up for you, or you can use the guild voice chat, Riad, or even make your own voice chat and invite othere to join it. They have said in the past that they are working on voice font’s that the MMO’s will be able to use. How cool would it be to sound like an Troll, Elf or what ever your MMO has in it.

Vivox also has Voon, Voon is a great voice and podcast app. You can sit in on live podcast right when they are making them. I have done this a few times, and the great thing voon is free to use and you can chat with the people that are making the show at the same time that they are making it. They allso play show daily, So if you din’t get to catch one, You can find it later that week and never have to down load it.

Vivox has impressed me, and I just wanted to let every one know how the went out of there way to help us.

Alik Steel


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