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EQ2 Research Assistants, GU 52, Zam

The “Research Assistants” as they call it now will be an  home amenitie. Yes I just said house amenitie, I am hoping this will go live by the end of the year, But nothing has been said about the time table. Anyway the Research Assistants will take a lower spell, Say a adept III and turn it into a Master I for you. As to what this will take to get it done is being debated now on the forums. As of right now there is 62 pages of hate filled posting on it. People loving and hating on it.

I lik the idea of being able to get that one master that just will never drop, or it’s on the broker for 500 plat. I got a guild I run, And I don’t ask much from my guild mates, So I put most every thing I get into the guild.  For now there is no way I could come up with 500 plat any time soon. I am not a raider so the best drop’s are in raid’s as every one knows. So the idea of being able to get an adept or lowwer and start making it better an better is something I would like. Even if it takes a good month per to make, It would be something to look forward to.



This is from eq2dev blog


Leave your permanent mark on the world of Norrath!

One of the upcoming features for GU52 is a new system that will allow players to write and distribute their own books in the world of Norrath. These books look and act just like the current books in the game. You can hold them in your inventory or place them in your house or guild hall for other players to read.

These user-written books can be obtained from a crafter and will start out blank. Any player can write in a blank book, but as soon as you write the first word you become the author of that book. From that point forward, only the author may edit the contents of the book.

The book window will display an “Edit” button whenever you read a blank book or a book you have authored. Clicking the edit button will reveal controls that allow you to enter text and see the layout from page to page.

There is no limit to the number of pages, but books are limited by the amount of text. A progress bar will let you know how much more text your book can hold as you are typing. There is also an auto-save feature that will periodically write the contents of the book to your hard drive in case of a crash.

When you’ve completed the book and you’d like to distribute it, you can make as many copies as you like. All you need is the original book and a blank book.  Right-click the original book and choose “Copy”. Your cursor will turn into an arrow allowing you to select the blank book in your inventory that you’d like to copy it to.

User-written books are tradable allowing you to give them to friends or place them on the broker. We’re really excited about this new feature and look forward to seeing your creativity!


Ummmm…….. OK, Well thats something, Not to sure if I care for this that much. I hope that maybe they will let people add there stuff to a site. Fan books can be very good, Yes you got to comb thru the shit to find good ones, But when you find a good it’s nice. Now will I do this ingame, Hell no. I would do it out of game and then copy the name down and buy it ingame for my home. But I will not just buy, Or just read player made books ingame. If I am in game I am playing not reading.




    in partnership with SOE, is pleased to present the new EQII ZAM Site!  This new site incorporates game data from SOE with player guides and comments from the old site to bring you a new level of game information.  New features include:

  • A live Broker feed that allows you to track sales, items, and their pricing data across all servers
  • Loc’s and other detailed information on every mob
  • Drop information of every item, including drop tables with exact percentages
  • Quest data from the game
  • Complete recipe information

All wrapped up in a new, easy to use interface!  That does not involve green!  Enjoy the new site

Almost forgot!  We’d love your feedback here


I love what the did to the site. If you play EQ2 and get stuck on anything, You got to go check this site out.


Alik Steel


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  1. When I first heard about the reasearch assistant, I thought about the skill progression system in Eve Online. Yes indeeed. Was kind of funny reading all of those “hard core” raiders mock a mechanic that’s in a game that would make them look like ultra-casual carebears 🙂

    Comment by Noizy | April 27, 2009 | Reply

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