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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

Hail, and well met my fellow adventurers.


I have had a blast in EQ2 sence my last blog. If you din’t read my last post, I got to blow off some steam at my older brother. This was great, As it let me get every thing out, I had let stress build up on me till I was not having any fun, and for the most part trying to make every one feel as bad as I did. Now I am loose as a goose, and just chillin’ with EQ2, and have a good time with my guild mates.

Let’s start this one off with letting you know what we have been up to in the guild as of late. Well this past saturday we hit guild level 40, and the last I looked we have around 20 accounts in the guild, I don’t count the ALT’s as members, just the accounts. Any way all the members are moving very well up the level tree. Most are all ready in there 60’s and knocking on the door to 70. I have had to tell them that the XP geiser will fall hard and they will start having to do the XP grind.

We have added a few more things to the guild hall and now we can all do crafters writs in the guild. We got the rush order writ giver, and the harvesting box. We also added the trash vender to the hall so we can sell our trash and play on the broker with out having to leave the hall.

We have 10 or maybe 15 guild level’s to go befor we can move into a T2 guild hall. I think we need to be guild level 50 to get it, but it could be 55. We still have time to look at that.

I am the only Leader of the guild now, I think I told you about that before, Any way still a very small guild, and we realy don’t need any officers right now. As we keep growing I will see who I would like to be an officer, and which ones want to take on the role of an officer. Just for right now we all play around the same time and all I have to do ask them what ever I need done and want done. We do have a few that play from the othere side of the world, but on my off days I get to play with them a good bit. Also it help’s that I have 3 days off a week.


Now as for me in the game, You all know me as Alik Steel, but in game most know me as Nat. My main toon’s name is Natako as most you know, but every one just call me Nat. I have dinged a few times and he is up to level 76 and has 109AA’s as a Conjurer. As you know I hit level 80 as a Carpenter months ago. I have 2 alt’s in the 40’s and one in it’s 30’s. I try to do as much as I can for our little guild, And that means I don’t do to much for me. So must times if I am on Nat, I have him mentored, witch does not pay well in plat or XP. What it does pay well in, Is the fun I have hanging out with my guild mates every night.

Just a side note, I almost never do pick up group’s because I never get what I want done out of it, and most times there is all ways that one person that seems to feel the need to tell some one in the group, How they should play there game. It burn’s me up when people do that. Now after saying that, I found myself in a pick up group yesterday afternoon in Lavastorm doing the high level faction quest. I got to tell you, That was some very cool people, Maybe after all this time, Just maybe people don’t feel the need to piss me off any more in a pick up group. It was great, Yes we leveled, But thats not what made it great. It was the fact that even when it went to shit, and we wiped out. Every one still had a great time.


As far as me in real life goes, I don’t know if I have said it here in my blog, But we(the people I work for) are keeping Mobile, So I will have a job(I hope) for one more year, till this starts all over again. I am stress free and back in the mood to write. So you should start seeing a lot more out of me soon. I also would like to apologize for not keeping up with my blog, and letting it come all most to a stop. I hope this will not happen again.


In my next post I will get back into letting you know what coming up for EQ2, Like having  books players can write in and sell on the broker. Does that sound fun to you? Well some people seem to think it will be. I may also talk a little about a new amunitie that may be in game by the end of the year.


Till the next post, I hope you have a great sunday, and try not to bite off any one’s head on monday morning when they say “Good Morning” to you.


Alik Steel


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  1. Good to hear things are going good for you in real life.

    As for the guild level you need to purchase the tier 2 guild hall, it is level 50. And as someone who’s at 175 aa, helping your guildies do quests you haven’t done yet (and kill named mobs when they’re not grey) will really help your own development. EQ2 is good that way. So many things to do and so many ways to help yourself when you help others.

    Comment by Noizy | April 26, 2009 | Reply

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