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Mount McDuffie exploded last night!!!

As my three readers know I have been real slow on my blog for the last month. The reason for this was that I was a bit down. Life has put a lot of crap on me, and I was pilling it all in and not saying much about it. Last night Mount McDuffie ( That’s me) Exploded last night all over my older brother. It realy had nothing to do with him, He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

My family is not what you would call loving. We are not the TV family, and we like to dig at each othere. The thing is, When you get teamed up on by the rest it can hurt bad. Well last night was one of them nights. The thing was, That no one knew how much crap I had built up in me. As you know I went over two months not knowing if I would have a job to go to the next day. Then you add me trying to stop smoking. Then the stuff that we all have put on us on a daily basis. As I said I bottle thing up inside with out doing any bitching at any one.

Then last night when I could not take any more I walked away, But this is when my older brother stepped into the wrong spot. He knew that I was mad and wanted to check on me. I din’t want any one to check on me.  Yes I know I was stupid, but I was mad, real damn mad and I did try to get away so there would not be any shit. My older brother doing what he does best tryed to let me know that they meant nothing by what they was saying. That’s when I exploded, I step up on him and yes, I was looking for any reason to swing. My older brother had been drinking a good bit last night, So he had to mouth off as well. The good news is that we never tied up and got into a real, knock you up side your head fight. We did tell each othere (Is tell the right word when we was only inches away from each othere, and yell at each othere) how little we thought of each othere.

It went on for only about five minutes, and we got a lot of stuff said in a very short time. My younger brother pulled my old brother from me and drove him home. Afetr they had left, It was amazing, I felt great after, I think I need that. I had to much shit built up in me and I needed to vent in a bad way. This morning my old brother called me up and wanted to talk,  I think he thought that I was realy mad. I had to tell him, That every thing I said the night before was not just at/about him. It was about the family, my work, and life. So as allways, We are ok.


So with all that out of me, maybe I can get back into this. Look out for new blogs soon…


Alik Steel


April 24, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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