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Happy Easter, or is it Mary Easter? / Insurrection

I never know which way to say say it, happy nor Mary Easter sounds right to me. Do you realy want to say happy or mary before easter? It just don’t seem like it should go with what easter means. Holly Easter maybe a better fit.

But then I allways thought that we should say something like black friday or something, Instead of good friday.

No matter what you want to call it I hope you have a good one, and maybe take minute to think about what this day is about.


Now to let you in on what has been happening with me and our guild.


First off, I am not doing so well on that not smoking thing. Oh I have backed off big time and feel good about that, But I am still far away from not smoking at all. And the big news work is that GAT is keeping Mobile ,AL Airport for Delta. That means I have a job for another year, or that’s what I am telling myself. Anyway I keep my job, but the work my brother does, Just seems to not be coming back any time soon. Out of hundreds of people that does the same job as him, only 30 or 40 of them are working in, and around  Mobile(butt kisser’s). We are still real tight when it comes to money.


EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

So we have had a few thing go down in the last few weeks, First off, Gulmuth my co-leader has stepped down from his leadership role. He is now one of our recruiters for the guild.

I allmost want to LOL when I think how this guild has went. I started this thing years ago, Back in 2005 for just a few friends. After that I have been talked into opening it doors a few times. This last time was my brother wanting a new place to play in. Gulmuth, Being our running bud, and friend came on out with us. I think, If it was not with’in the first hour, It would have been before we logged out that day, I asked Gulmuth to be a co-leader with my brother and I. My Brother main toon and the one he had me open the doors of the guild hall for. Was gone and in a new guild in lass than 2 months. Every one who came with us that first week has left. Othere than my brothere’s ALT’s and Gulmuth we are all that is left of the few that wanted to make a great guild.

Now don’t take me wronge I understand why each and every one of them left, or in Gulmuth case, Stepping down out of the leadership role.


As far as the main guild goes, We are doing very well. We are growing, Slow but we are growing. We have yet another guild web site and I hope this one will stick for some time. We are allso playing around with Vintrilo for our voice chat, I hope that SOE can get Vivox to get there ingame voice chat working better than it has been. We have become a level 37 guild and with 20 people in the guild. Allmost half of them are on every day and the othere’s make it more than a few times a week. We have started adding about 2 members a week. I know that does not sound like a lot, but we want people that play and group with each othere. Not just be a number in the guild, And with a slow build up to the guild we all get to know each othere.


Alik Steel


April 12, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel, EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

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