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I was Role Playing before I played D&D, or MMO’s

Dungeons & Dragons was first published in 1974. My first story starts in 1979

I was around 10 years old when I got my honda 50cc motorcycle. I remeber my dad saying something to me as I was trying to get at it. He kelp saying thing to me till I said “yes sir”. This was what he must have wanted to hear, Because thats when he let me at it. I jumped on and kicked started it, I had never been on a motorcycle before, But that din’t stop me from taking off on it. My dad made me ride around in the yard for a little bit, till I had the gears down. The neighborhood I lived in was a little over 35 acre’s big. With my dad still standing out in the yard watching me, I went down the road, Two homes down from ours was a hard left turn that was the top of the hill. As soon as I was out of eye sight,I din’t know at the time I was by no means of being out of hearing range, I droped the hammer on the 50cc and was flying down the hill. as I made two more turns I knew that my dad would be able to see me again, I slowed down, And turned around. As I got back out of eye sight I opened it up again. As I toped the hill and made the turn I could see my dad standing in the road wanting me to park it. Our home had a wrap around driveway. So I passed him trying to look as if I din’t know why he wanted me to park. As I turned into our driveway I found out that I was going way to fast and the little pop up from the road to our yard, Ramped me into the air, and I lost it. As I was hanging on for dear life, I had pulled harder on the throttle and was picking up speed as I headed for the fence. I did the only thing I could think of. I layed it over on it’s side, And the bike and I went under the fence. My bike went into the yard and I got hung up under the fence. I would be a week before my daad let me ride my bike again.

 One of my best friends that lived right down the road from me allso got a honda 50cc motorcycle that christmas in 1979. CHiPs had been playing for about 2 years and my friend and I had started to patrol our neighborhood every day after school. Side by side we rode our bikes just like our heroes from the show did. We would even pull people over if we thought that they was going to fast. Our neighbor’s was very cool and non of them pop our bubble. I do remember we did not make many friends that year, but we had a blast role playing as CHiPs.

That was the start of my RPG playing. I had always played games, but only after the sun went down and my mom made me come in, or It was raining and my mom made me come in, or I had been bad and my mom made me come in. I even had D&D on my intellivision but even with my out side role playing, I never played the D&D as a RPG. It was just something to be done, When I could not do what I wanted to do. Now even as I role played out side, I did not see it as role playing. It was just fun playing like I was someone else.





This is something that no one should ever do. Do not try this at home or any othere place. This was done by a bunch of dumb ass kids and should have never been done at all.




Ok so after being a good guy for a year or so, I went to the dark side. I joined my older brother’s army. Ok so it was like 8 of us, But that what we called it. I was the scout in the army. Back then I was real small, and could sneak around very well. Any way after some time we started taking our BB guns with us. On one outing we was cuting thru another neighborhood and I was scouting ahead, When I ran across a big group of kids. They allso had BB guns.  I went back at a flat run and told my brother that I had found some kids with guns. We was in a small area with woods so we came up on them slow and where they could not see us. The othere group of kids was near another small group of trees. I did not no it at the time, but with help from my older brother, we was all about to take role playing to a new high. He shot one of the the bigger kids in the leg. The boy yelled and pointed into the woods as he told his friends where the shot came from. In know time at all BB’s was flying over our heads. I was hit 5 times myself. Not one BB penetrate the skin. I had hurting little red marks, but that was about as bad as any one had it.

How no one lost an eye I will never know. The bad thing is, We all had such a good time having BB gun wars. We started to have one every friday for a few months, till some one’s mom busted us.


I think we all have been playing RPG’s for most of our life.  Life here in the states is nothing but RPG’s. Take dating, A date is a big RPG, What? you don’t think you RPG when you go out on your first date? Bull shit, You RPG, Even if you don’t know it. There is very few people who act like themself on there first date. Must people add/take a little layer to/from there story to make themself sound a bit better.

 ” Oh no, I’m not a player”,

“I never fight”,

” No thank you, I only want a salad”,

“No, I’m not much of a drinker”,

and so on. This is all RPG, She knows and you know that it’s all bull shit, But we all play along with it.


After my 20 or so years of life, Other than dating I had lost a lot of my role playing self, Till one day when my younger brother got a copy of EverQuest. He never even played it, It was taking to long to download, I never thought playing with a bunch of people would be that fun.  After a few months, My best friend and young brother was home and so was I, I slid the EQ disk into my new PC, and started downloading it. After two days, yes two days, We had dail up. It was updated and ready to play. My brother and best friend was there and we was just bull shitting around when I started it up and started making my first ever MMO characters. After that we all had to take turns on the game. for the next two days we took two hour turns. After that, My friend and I ran out and got our on EQ games.


Alik Steel


April 5, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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