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Jumping on EQ2 yet again

Seems like all I do now days is jump on EQ2, I realy don’t want to. I would love to brag on them more. EQ2 is still very much my main MMO, But and this is a big but, You seem to be falling apart on me. At this time you should be on top of the surf and riding high on life. So what’s the deal? Why are we having all this stuff happen? We have (counting last night) three oh hell’s in the last four months. Network Outage, Login Server Currently Down, and last night Connection Errors. You put that on top of my server Antonia Bayle having zone and spell lag. Granted it seems to get better from time to time.

You know and I know that people tend to forget the AT-A-BOY’s, and only remember the OH HELL’s, and I would love to give you a AT-A-BOY right about now. Just you seem to be doing every thing wrong. I was happey with what I reading on the test forums about the fighter changes, Now it seems you (being the EQ2 dev’s) are not going to fix that. Then you say that you want to be able to talk to us better, like in the Jerry Maguire movie where he asked “Help me… help you. Help me, help you” Fine I would love to help you, I just am not going to stop playing on my server. I do not want to go to test and play a bunch of stuff/time just to jump back on my server and have nothing to show. Maybe it’s a shit ass thing to do, but thats the way it is with me. Maybe if you made it where you gave rewards for people to test for you, Then I would. No I am not asking for any free stuff without work, I’m just saying you need to make it where there is a reason to play on it. Remember we are all paying money to play. I do not want to feel like I am clocking into work and having to pay for it. We the players would love to talk to you, So maybe you should come to us, The paying, playing people of the game. Come to our severs and ask. Make ingame polls for us. Because if you go by the forums you are missing most of your player base. I know only a few people that goes to the forums as I do. 99% of the people I play with has never went to the forums.

I don’t pertend to know how to make new or maintain content. It just seems that the maintenance of the game is falling off the mark. If GU51 and/or the Fighter changes is taking to many dev’s from keeping the game running. Then please put it all on hold and get the game running at the level it should be at this time in the games life.


Alik Steel


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