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My comment to the The Nosy Gamer post on PvP

my comment for “The Nosy Gamer” post: PvP and Me

First off, I am a lot like you when it comes to PvP. Except for a short time, When I was with the Pwngage Brother’s show guild on a PvP server in EQ2. By the way the show did a podfade a long time ago. Any way it started off with just a few of the fan’s of the show getting together and playing around with each othere. Soon after that the show host started joining us and we started off just looking for Freep’s to hunt. Yes, We was all good side of the game.  All from Qeynos  and started hunting in the commonlands. We allso locked off at level 18. At our peak we was two full groups, Not in raid, But did work as one. We was useing a VOIP to get our hit’s just right. At our best we killed a level 38 ( I think ) with just one group, Still no idea how we pulled it off. I din’t think that we would even be able to hit him.

We allso would have people join us on our monday night hunt’s. Like Brent from VW, Matter a fact if you like you can watch one time that he went out with us. Over on GAX is where I have the Video. The video show’s brent dieing, but only becouse it was a lot higher person we were after. Brent is a very good player and we all had a lot of fun when he came out to play with us.

We had a great run of two or three months. May have even been as long as five months (long time ago) and it allways happened on monday night.  Close to the end we even betraded so that we could go after every one. But VG was in open beta and was about to go live and we started having poeple drop out, Then one of the show host left for VG and that was the end of it. It was a great time and I would do it again in a hartbeat if I could be apart of a group(s) like that again. I think maybe the reason it was so great was that we only did it one night a week for just a few hours. I think it was three hours every monday night.

So I think even if you don’t like PvP or just parts of it, You would find it a lot more fun when running around with a good group of friend all doing the same thing. Even getting ganked seemed to be fun when it happened to all of us togethere.


Alik Steel


March 13, 2009 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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  1. Wow. I watched the video and for the first time I actually think the EQ2 dance looks good 🙂

    That’s also why I included Eve in my list of places that might be good to PvP in a little. Belonging to a good corp would make all the differenct.

    Comment by Noizy | March 13, 2009 | Reply

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