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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection 02/22/2009

Gulmuth is my co-leader of the guild and he recruited our first official member yesterday. Every one before had joined us at the start and we are all ingame or real life friends. We have allso picked up a few more real life friends,  after reopening the guild. As of last week we got our website up and running, and added our Rules and Creed to it. I am going to add a post to the eq2 AB server forums tonight and start recruiting first thing monday, after I have harvested and knocked out my 20 rush orders for the week.

I dinged level 80 as a Carpenter last night, so with that, all my alt’s will git a small boost of XP on crafting with them now.


After dinging a few of us headed over to fallen gate and did a run on it. I was surprised at how many groups that was in FG. As old as it is, I was thinking not many people played in it any more. But of course, Thats what they may have been thinking as well. Gulmuth was on his Guardian and Dried(my real life brother) was allso on an alt. Benyen(webmaster for our site) and I was on our main’s. I din’t have any thing that could go in the zone yet. Well yes I did, but it was allso a guardian, and he has all ready done a run on Fallen gate. Gulmuth’s alt started out at level 24 and by thie time we made it all the way down to the bottom he was level 28. I think it was level 28, it may have been 29. No wipes and and Gulmuth and Dreid(on his alt) got a lot of AA’s from all the names. We are going to start off on the lowwer zones like fallen gate and do one every week as we can fit them in so that as many members can do the run’s with us.


Oh dang allmost forgot to tell you. Dreid my brother, The one who pushed me to start the guild back up. Has left the guild. I felt that he would do that at some point. He is more of a raider than anything and needed to find a raid guild, so that he can get his raid on. Dreid was allso a co-leader, and I would say we would miss him, but despite him leaving the guild, He seems to allways be around( bro, you know I joke). He has all of his alt’s still in the guild. The only thing is that he steped down from being a leader, and we felt that he should go down to being a senior member. I have left guilds before, because there leader(s) and/or officer(s) was in othere guilds. So that they could do raids. The thing is, It allways seemed that the raid allways came first. So we din’t want any one getting upset with Dreid for being in another guild that did raids.


Well thats about it for the guild update. Wish us luck as we start to try to grow and I will let you know how things are going in a week or two.


Here is what I was thinking of posting on the eq2 ab sever forums

Open Recruitment for the guild Insurrection

 Insurrection is now starting an open recruitment for any and all who would like to join. At this time we are a very small group of people.
We know that we would not be a good fit for raid minded player right now, but we would be a good fit for the casual, or new player.

Check out our website at www[dot]eq2insurrection[dot]com

You can send a ingame tell to [ Natako ], or [ Gulmuth ] for a guild invite

Insurrection is a level 30 Guild, with guild hall


Alik Steel


February 22, 2009 - Posted by | EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

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