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EQ2 GU51 Lavastorm Solo Content

(Not going to copy and paste, Just follow the links to read the all ready well written post.)


In the first Lavastorm Revamp Preview 

Why has the face of Lavastorm changed? The Mistress of Elemental Magic, Najena, is making her presence felt

There will be:



Now they are letting us in on some of the new things with this latest preview Lavastorm Solo Content

With wording like this “The beach areas at the entrance have been extended” it makes me think that by “we are adding to lavestorm” from the first preview, it’s just not NPC’s and mob’s. Looks as if they are adding land mass to it as well.

Allso check out this part “Najena has conjured elemental horses to speed travel through the zone” I for one am not happy to read this part. I have not injoyed any of the land base travel. To me it just doesn’t look right at all.

I like this part “If you helped her (Pallasa Rargen) out at the beginning of the Void’s invasion into Norrath over the summer, she’ll remember you fondly




Allso you can check out this post by Dan O”Halloran at massively[dot]com


I’m still not finding any hint as to when this will go live, but it’s looking very good so far.

(as allways I have not played much of any of the new content… It’s hard just trying to find the time to play with my guild)


Alik Steel


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