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(Voice Fonts)Hey EQ2, Did we forget something last year?

My RP friends and I was talking the othere night about how cool it was going to be when eq2 added the voice fonts to the game. What voice fonts you ask? Well at the same time we all found out that we was going to get our own ingame voice chats they allso said we would get more later on that year(2008). Well that time has come and gone. I was hoping that maybe it would be in TSO, Then I was hoping for GU51, but I have seen nothing on this, maybe I over looked it.

Any way, you can read the post HERE, But this is what I would like for you to read from it.

San Diego, CA – July 31, 2008

“In addition to these current features, SOE is planning to implement other Vivox services into Station Voice later this year, such as voice fonts and the ability to connect to games from Station Launcher. SOE’s plan to integrate the service with Station Launcher should allow anyone who uses the Station Launcher, even if he or she doesn’t otherwise subscribe to an SOE game, to take advantage of these powerful voice chat capabilities. These features, which are intended to support hundreds of players in a channel, are also slated to be extended to other current and future SOE titles, such as The Agency™.”


Come on EQ2 don’t let this one slide by…


Alik Steel


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