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Dear EQ2,

 You know I love you. I tell people that I am a SOE Fan Boy all the time. Now keep my love for the you in mind as I talk to you about EverQuest II.


 I know that you would do any thing for your games and you are allways trying to make them more fun. The thing is I have played on the Antonia Bayle server in EQ2 from about 6 months into the game. Minus a year, When I had no internet. The AB sever has been one of the big one’s for a very long time and we who play on her know that it allways takes longer for things to be fixed on our server. For the most part we sit looking at Antonia Bayle Server Locked under our toons in the character select window, when all the other severs are up and running. We don’t say much,  when we die to spell lag. Because at some point we all die or have a group/raid wipe because of spell lag. 


The Last few months on the Antonia Bayle server has been a nightmare to play on. Character crashes, EQ2 crash, and sometimes after one of them two you can’t log back in for over and hour or so because the game see you still as playing ingame. People in the game don’t even see you as LD. Nothing, your character is just standing there doing nothing. Game lag is getting out of control. If you don’t under stand my meaning of game lag, I mean the Spell lag, The Zone lag, and the Ping rates going out of sight. Now I know that some of this could be just me and my PC, But I know that the Zone/Spell Lag is more than just me. To many people that I have talked to has been having the same thing happen to them.

I don’t know if it had any thing to do with it or if it was when we all started to see it, but about a month before the TSO expansion went live is when the spell lag showed up.


The bad thing about this is when the game should be in top notch shape, It seems that it is sliding down hill.

Please for my love of the game fix all of the lag.



Alik Steel


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  1. Butcherblock suffers from similar problems. While we don’t have the long waits to log on, spell lag is HUGE along with random LDs while just sitting around. Some Avatar contested mobs can only be done at certain times of the day due to the additional lag they create.

    Comment by SeveredHead | February 16, 2009 | Reply

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