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Happy Valentine’s Day

Thank god you got payed on friday, because now it’s time to go spend it all, if you have not allready done so.

 I remember a long time ago I wanted to make it a special valentines day. So I sat down and made a love note. This was not something that came easy to me, as I can’t write for nothing. My spelling is awful and there was no google for me back then as it is now. Yes I google words all the time to try and get it right. Like just now, no idea if it should be “git” or “get”.  And forget about how to put a sentence together.  Any way this took me a few night to put together and I was proud that I din’t do as all my friends and just go buy something. I took real time and put my hart into this love note. I allso took the time to cook for her. This again, I was thinking that I was doing something that she was going to love. As you can tell in the way I am writing this, It din’t go the way I was thinking. When we talked that morning and I told her that I wanted to make dinner for her. She said something like “oh, ok then”. I remember thinking that din’t sound good, but soon put it out of mind telling myself that it was just the fact that she had just got up the the day. She was not a morning person. Anyway I got all dressed up and went to pick her up, to find her in her wearing her everyday clothes. Then on the way to my home she kelp telling me where each of her friends was going to go out and eat. To top the night off was when I handed her my love note to her. The look on her face as she saw what I had got her for valentine’s as she said thanks, and fliped it open, and closed it allmost as fast. Now this was not just a one pager note. This was the size of a child’s book.

Now I am not saying every woman/girl out there is like the one I had way back then. I am just saying don’t be a fool and just go out and buy something for her. Take her out for that $300 dinner and you will be fine for the day, and you can Live to see anothere day.


Alik Steel


Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day
Traditional symbols of Valentine’s Day include hearts, doves, Cupid and love notes.
American postcard, circa 1900.
Also called St. Valentine’s Day
Observed by Christian and Christian-influenced cultures
Type Christian, cultural, multinational
Significance Lovers express their feelings to each other
Date February 14
Observances Sending greeting cards and gifts, dating.

February 14, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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