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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

Well it’s been a few weeks, and we have got a lot of stuff done in the guild. First we hit guild level 30 and got our guild hall up and running. The one thing that I had forgotten was at guild level 30 all we got was 5 things that we could add to the guild. So we did the old bell, druid ring, the call call to the guild, that thing that will send you to your house/home, and the guild broker. At guild level 35 I think we said we was going to add the fuel man/woman and a banker.


We allso added one more person to the guild, It’s and old friend from way back. We allso got a real guild website up. We have started gitting all the things up and wording right for the rules and thing like that. I feel that with in the next week, we will start recruiting new members. I beleave we will start looking for new to the game and people that are starting over with new accounts. We will allso take any one that wants to join up, but I don’t see I will be looking for  med to high level player, or a raid players yet. I just don’t see them  staying with our very small guild.


We have been trying to not just feel up our guild hall, but make look good. This ahrd to do for me, because what I see in my mind and what it looks like is not all ways the same. Out of 6 rooms in our T1 guild hall we only have one room done 100%, and that is one of the small room. We did make a Crafting room, but we split up the room and added wall wall deviders and added a 2nd floor to it. We allso added wall deviders to the back room with the big window. We split that room up and made a nature room for the role player people.


I know we have a long way to go, but things seem to be coming along. I don’t want to rush this and take our time building the guild with friends. Every guild I have ever been in or was leader of, we started this way going slow and then for what ever reason we went and rushed it up. Adding ton’s of poeple and no one knowing any one. I hope we as a guild will hold our self back and keep it nice and slow. adding people slow and gitting to know them as we grow.


Alik Steel


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