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[rated X] My staff and me [rated x]


I’m bored at work and just started playing around and this came out. I thought it was a little funny and hope that you do to.


I want to talk about my staff for a bit. My staff is not like othere staffs. My staff is big, long and magical. It sometimes seems to have a mind of it’s own, and it git’s me in a lot of trouble. Just the othere night I was taking a walk, and this young lady came up to me and started talking about how big and long my staff was. I pointed out that it was not just big and long, but it was magical too. She asked if I wouldn’t mind if she was to use my staff. Being the man I am, and allways ready to help a lady in need. I let her know that I would be happy to let her use my staff. So she showed me into her house. Where, with help from me, She started using my staff. About that time her husband came in. He did not look like he liked the fact that his wife was using my staff. As I could see he had his own staff in hand. He started to yell at her, She told him that she needed a big long staff, Me adding the fact that it was magical as well did not help matters. Any way after many hours of hiding out as her husband and his friends went looking for me. I made my way out of town.

There is a nothere thing about my staff. My staff is bent to the right. People think that it’s because I use my right hand the most, but I tell you my staff has allways been bent to the right, and for the most part it works better that way. Like a few nights back some friends and I was out beaver hunting. As you know beavers like there holes. With my big long magical staff that is bent to the right I was able to  stick the staff way into the hole and with it being bent, I scraped the sides of the hole to be able to dig out the beaver. This works realy good and I seem to pop a many of beaver this was.

If you would like to have your very own big long magical staff that may or may not be bent. Head on out to a store near you in norrath. and ask for your own. I like the the conjuror staff’s the best.


Alik Steel


February 7, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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