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EQ2 GU51 not looking for it any time soon

Heirlooms, and a nice chunk of the little stuff from GU51 is in live. This is not a good thing. Why is that? Well I’ll tell you, For them to go on and push this stuff on into the live servers means that they are not going to put the big stuff like Lavastorm Revamp, and the Fighter Revamp into live for a long time. Think about it. If you was going to put something that big into your game any time soon , as in 2 or 3 weeks from now. You would have kelp out this small stuff till then. So I don’t see GU51 going live for at lest a month from now. With luck it want come out just brfore GU52, And yes they have started on that Game Update allready, Or at lest its in the planing stage.

If you would like to try and keep up with when GU’s are going live. Go on and mark Feb as the month that GU51 came out even if it’s not. EQ2 has done a real good job about getting the GU’s out every 3 months. And I would count on GU52 coming out sometime in May.


Alik Steel


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  1. Argh… it was just only before the expansion when updates were pretty much every 4-6 weeks. Now they can’t even do 1 in 3? (I blame the silly aggro revamp)

    Comment by Gargamol | February 11, 2009 | Reply

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