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EQ2 (AB server) Guild name: Insurrection

A few thing have happen in the last two weeks for us at Insurrection. First off I want to give the bad news.

As you allready know we are a small guild, a very small guild. We had (yes I said had) 9 members in the guild. This last week we had three of our members go there own way. They wanted to try this guild thing out for them self. They started there own guild, No idea what there guild name is and I wish them the best of luck. So our very small guild got smaller.

Now for the better news.

We did pick up a new member and it’s there first time to play EQ2. I feel that this is where we will find the members that we need to grow. Now this new member is not just some one that we just pick up from the side of the road. They are RL friends with some of our other members. We still are staying away from starting to invite people into the guild, as we realy want to git the guild hall up and running before we start. Speaking of the guild hall, We was only 25% away for dinging guild level 30 as of last night when I logged out for the night. I feel like we should have lvl 30 done and over with by the time I get home from work. If not I will make sure it’s done not long after I log in. We are allso well above the 100 plat that I wanted to start with.

May weekend will be tied up making stuff for the guild hall, Oh that right I did not tell that yet. I hit Carp lvl 76 some time this past week. I allso made lvl 74 as a Conji as well. I have not played that much othere than writ’s and rush orders for the guild. All othere times have been playing with some new Alt’s.

any way, been having fun playing the game with my friends and can’t wait to git started on the guild hall.


Alik Steel


January 31, 2009 - Posted by | EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

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