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Eq2 GU51 new info link and what month I think it will go live.

Here is a real fast link to EQ2 players website. It must be getting close to going live with them putting this up.

Just remember that SOE does GU’s every 3 months, or there abouts around that time frame. TOS and  GU 50 went live in November of 2008 so that should put GU51 going live sometime in February 2009 .

(EDIT: February 2009  and not January.  Sorry for that, I just got around to looking back at this and did not catch the january statement at first.)

If all is going well on test (you can read up on it. in the test forums). Then I think it should be going live in the next week maybe two.

** If any one does find a hard set time frame on when it goes live, plzs let me know and I will post the date.**


Alik Steel


January 27, 2009 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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