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EQ2 Podcast info (allso some other MMO podcast)

This will be a link happy post…

First off over 90% of all my podcast that I like is over at Virginworlds [dot] com. The man that runs it is named Brent and just over a year (I think) ago he put together the “Virginworlds Podcast Collective“. Brent himself does a MMO news podcast named “Virginworlds“. If you take this LINK to Virginworlds [dot] com you can find 31 podcast on his Collective, covering allmost any triple A MMO game.

Now as far as virginworlds(VW) goes I have one here for EQ2.

First I would say check out EQ~IQ Its a great info podcast for EQ2. A great way to git your feet wet for new players and even some info for even the old hands of the game. Allso check out his home page HERE.

* I will not list all the podcast that I like over ther at virginworls. As it’s a lot of them and I would hope that you would make up your on mind as to what you like and what you don’t.

Here is one that has been around for a good long time and seem to be holding there on. EQ2s-day is a great podcast. Not only is it full of good info. They do a great thing. IT”S LIVE  (TUE 4:00pm – 6:00pm PT)

**Every podcast that I have linked can be found on iTunes if you want to check them out there.

Well, well, well, so my list is way short of what I was thinking.

I do have one that’s not realy a EQ2 podcast per say, but the host of it talks more about eq2 then they do any othere SOE MMORPG game they have. SOE Podcast is a great show and has a great “whats going on with SOE games news” bit at the front of each show.


 When I first thought to do a post on what eq2 podcast I like I was thinking of 5 podcast. Well for the most part it seems that two are dead, but I will give you links to them any way. First is eq2-daily The site stil gives you some nice news but it looks as if they have had a podfade. Then there is EQual Perspective, They both was great EQ2 podcast, and checking out there old podcast still may help you out with some info. Just remember that eq2 is a MMO and they tend to chang from time to time. 


When you get to VirginWorlds Check VirginWorlds, Shut Up. We’re Talking, Witty Ranter, The Addicted Gamer, Massively Speaking podcast.


Alik Steel


January 24, 2009 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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