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The Sky is Falling

I am sure you all have talked about it, but I wanted to give a few links about it so you can read it for yourself.

So worlds.com has files suit against NCsoft for patent infringement. I found this at “virtual worlds news“.

Oh and if you have not heard the world will end in the year 2012, Don’t blame me!!! Blame the  Mayan calendar.


Now lets get on with this thing….

Guild news

Insurrection is doing well we are only a level away from guild level 30 and just a few plat away from hitting our mark of 100 plat to git started with. It’ still just 9 of us and we are finding that we all work well together.


EQ2 with-in the game news

Frostfall has come and went and it was a blast. I missed it the year before when I was out of game, but this year(or at lest for me) we had a new area(instance to play in. Icy Keep was the name, and not only was the XP great but it was fun and you was able to loot flags that you could turn in for new toys. New armor set’s and weapons. allso had some great new house toys.


Vanguard thing

I played some more of the new starter island and am still loving it.  My small little group I had for just a few weeks is gone and no more. One of them is playing VG as her main game and the other is playing EQ2 as his main. So for me till I can find me a new running mate in VG I will just do some hit and run’s on it from time to time.


As for me and my MMO’s time. . .

It’s been great, I started my new times at work so I can play later now and that works great for me. Before I was having to log out at 7 or 8 at night and now I can play till 12 or 1am now. Allso coming into work at the time I do now lets me log in to the game for a good hour before I have to start gitting ready for work. So yes I am loving it.

I’ve been playing EQ2 more than anything and I been hitting the harvesting fields hard.  I just hit lvl70 and now need to build up my raws before I hit the work bench. I like having more than I could ever use in one day before I start crafting. So it’s not uncommon for me to harvest any where from 800 to 1200 of the same raw harvestable. Yes some times that can take some time to git up. But when I start to craft and have that much stuff I never have to stop and head back out to harvest any more, or at lest for that one day.

Any ways that about it. the sky is falling and I’m out harvesting…


Alik Steel


January 10, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel, EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection, EverQuest II, Vanguard Saga of heroes

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