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Out with the new and in with the old

I am a little sad today, because a co-worker and friend is leaving today. I work in a small cargo office where it has been 3 of us for close to a year now. With this 3rd person allso came a new work schedule that gave me 3 days off a week. that was the up side to it. the down side was I had to open every day I worked. That is to say I had to git up at 3am 4 times a week. Not fun for me because I have allways been a night person. But with the sad deal with a friend leaving us and moving out of town comes my old schedule where I go back to working 5 days a week. I loose my week-end’s for the most part, but it’s not that bad. I still have to open on them two days, but I close up shop at 2pm. 2pm allmost feels as if I git off half a day even with it being  9 and half hour days. Then I am off on monday and tuesday’s now and close up shop on wednesday, thursday, and friday. The great thing is I don’t have to git to work till 9am thats allmost 5 hours later than I am doing now. oh office hours are 4:30 till 4:30 week day and 4:30 till 2:00 on the weekends. I hate that I loose a friend today, but am welcoming my old schedule back.


On the game front theres not much to say. I only got into the game for two hours last night and we had our first officer meeting. to hash out what we all wanted out of the guild and where we wanted to be in the next 6 months. We allso talked a good bit about the guild hall and what the first amenities would be. It’s 4 of us so it realy was not a hard meeting 3 of the 4 all wanted the same thing. The odd man out only lost one thing thay wanted in the guild hall. Thats not to say he want git it later. We all wanted it ,but is was lower down our list. The thing it we think we can deal with paying for the guild hall and at lest 3 Amenities. So the top three is CoH, portal home thingy, and the druid ring. We was thinking git the portal’s up first then bring in the cool stuff.  I sure thet the shattered lands bell will be next. It’s a T1 guild hall we are looking at so I think we can 15 amenities in it. At any rate we will put it to a vote to the guild as to what we will buy for it. I just wanted to see what the officers was thinking before we went to the people.


Alik Steel


December 31, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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