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New Category: Insurrection

So I think that I need a new category for my blog here. this way if you don’t care to read anything about our guild then you don’t have to.


We hit gu lvl 22 last night and may be 23 by this morning. I’m not gitting to do much as to monday and tuseday I open and close my office. That is to say I open up at 4:30am and close up ar 4:30pm.  Add 30min to git to work and 45min or more to gitting home from work. and thats if I don’t have something I need to do before I git home. most times I can’t even log into the game till 7pm  and I start logging out around 8pm. two hours after that I’m in bed and back up at 3am.  I do better with 6hours of sleep, but can work off of 5. The great news is this should be the last week I will be doing this.

Any way I am gitting way off there. We allso got 20plat up and looking now at needing 200 plat to start the new guild hall.

Oh yes

I had to go and look up all the amenities you can add to guild hall’s.  Ouch it’s going to hurt with how much money and gsp thy want for everything. I din’t tell the guild about how much this will cost us. I did print it out and showed it to my brother. He din’t see it as being that bad. I think he is just looking at it as one little thing at a time and never added it all up. (I’m at work and will try to remember to copy the info. when I git home and put it here) The way I see it if we tryed to add the 15 things that I want( the guild will vote to see what we add) it’s going to be close to 10 plat a week and a crap load of  gsp (Guild Status Points). I din’t want to drop it on them then say  “Ok then, see ya laters people” without talking about how/what we needed to do about it.  So I will let that sit till I can git on for a few hours and be able talk to every one.


On the money side of things I have allways been the money maker, but my brother can make more money doing lvl 80 writ’s than I can doing my thing. selling rares and selling thing that I can make as a carpenter wakes my a few plat a night. The thing is my brother is kicking out about 8 to 10 plat a night just off the trash he sells from the loot that drops from the mob’s he kills for the writ’s.

I’ll try to post to let you know what is going on with this new guild.


Alik Steel


December 30, 2008 - Posted by | EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

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