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Long time coming

  It’s been a long time and I am sorry it has taken me this long to git back to my blog.

So what have I been up to?

Well to start withI having been playing EQ II a lot.

I have allso had some work things to take care of.

I would love to say that I had a good reason for not keeping my blog up, but the reason for not doing it was that when I had time to do it all I wanted to do was log into EQ II and play, and so thats what I did.


The last I talked to you I think I was telling you of a guild that me and a few friends had started. Well just to let you know that it went down the tubes fast. With-in a few weeks one member of my 3 person group had staped playing. Then we stoped playing VG alltogether.  So I said I wanted to find a real guild and git on with my playing. so we walked taking our 2 members with us. We hooked up with AoV guild on the AB server. It a real nice guild and lots of people to hang out with. Thay had every level covered from top to bottom and the guild hall was the best I had ever seen. Just from the crafter side of the game it was sweet. 3 NPC’s that ran out for you to harvest and every bench you need to craft on. rush orders and every thing that you needed to craft with. book’s ,fuel ,everything.

I have been with them for a few months now and still like it. I have had a few hickups from time to time, and have moved some of my alt’s out of the aov guild. I have kelp Natako in the guild, but he if now more for making money and crafting. For my slash and gash fun I jump on Baerpaw (yes I know how I have it spelled. EQ II has been around for a long time and names and be a pain sometimes). He is my Guardian and I am having a blast with him. He is still low level guarian. He is lvl 38 are is it 39 as of last night, not sure.


Here is something I did not think I would do for some time. I have re-re-opened the old guild again. My brother was wanting to play with it and talked me in to opening the doors again. Just this time we have real members all ready. Ok so this is how it went down. my brother had got sick of looking for pick up groups to git the things that he needs done. He allso is in AoV and some how keeps gitting overlooked unless there is a spot that thay just can’t feel with one of the othere’s. This is a sticky point for me as well, becouse I seen how thay all wanted to be his friend as long as thay needed his help. He helped over half them git from lvl60  something to lvl 80 and then thay droped kicked him to the curb. and it’s been that way for a few months and he just could not take it any more. so he talked me in to opening back up. So I took my Guardian out of AoV and placed him back into the old guild and invited my brother. As soon as our ingame friend “Gulmuth” saw that we left he wanted in. So I invited him. I made Gulmuth my brother and me leaders and before the night was up a few more friends had wanted into the guild. by the next morning we hadf picked up over 9 people. The sad thing is we as a guild have not even started to build the guild up. Us 3 (my brother, Gulmuth,and I) wanted to git the guild up to guild lvl 30 and buy a guild hall first before we started inviting people into the guild. We are doing ok we hit gu lvl 18 by last night and should be at lest gu lvl 22 by tonight.

any way thats what been going on and I want to say sorry again for taking so long on gitting this out.



Alik Steel


December 28, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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