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Voice Chat in MMO’s

I have for a very long time used voive chat’s(VOIP) in my MMO’s that I play. I have all ways found them to be a nice way to get to know my guild/group mates that I play with day in ,and day out.

Not to long ago EQ2 added a very nice voice chat to the game. It’s one the the best sounding that I have used. The thing is now that I have used a ingame voice I want to use one in all the othere MMO’s I play. I am trying as hard as I can to use VOIP in Vanguard ,but it’s making the game lag on me. Or at lest I hope it’s the VOIP. I have not tryed playing the game with out it now that I have been back. The thing is now I got to ask why is this not part of every MMO out there? I here from friends that WoW has had one for years. I allso heard that SWG and VG was gitting them at the same time EQ2 got it’s voice. I have not tryed SWG but as of yet I have not found any one that can tell me if voice was or is in the game.


I find that trying to play with otheres that don’t use voice just ticks me off. But there is all was that one that makes you feel shameful for even bitching about it. Not to long ago I was hunding this player to log into voice on eq2. He/She said No mic. so I told them that fine just log in so you can hear us when we are in battle. This got nothing at first thin after the 2nd or 3rd time thay tell me something that shuts me up and shuts me down. “I am def” Oh man there I go again forgeting that every one in the world is not just like me. what do I say to that. I shot back “Kk” and sat there. not sure if I should send a tell saying sorry or drop it and go on about the things we where doing. I said nothing…..where was I going with this? No idea!

Oh yes I was trying to say I don’t know if I can play anothere MMO without having some type of VOIP even if it’s not a ingame thing. I do think that any new MMO will have voice built in to the game. It’s like the world ,Things just don’t work with out it.


Alik Steel


October 15, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel, EverQuest II, Vanguard Saga of heroes

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