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The what IF game (MMO turned into a Movie)

What IF the powers that be was going to make a movie about your game.


What would be the name of this movie?

(could you use just the name of the game? or have to come up with a name to let the players know what it was and not let on to where the background for the movie came from for the rest of the people?)


What character’s from the game could/would you use?

( or maybe what races could/would you use in the movie. What race would the the lead and what races would be the bit players in the movie.)


What time line would you use for the movie?

(Would it be pre game ,In the present time of the game ,or maybe some time after the game)


What would the plot of the movie be?

(Faction war ,or maybe some great quest)


Would it be animated ,or live action?

(you can do a lot with animated movie’s ,or would it be better if you had real people acting in the movie)


What style movie would it be?

(Comedy ,Action ,Horror ,or Drama)


There is many more thing I am sure that you could ask ,but it is late and work comes early in the morning.

time for me to sleep


Alik Steel


October 14, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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