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EQ2 + Guild = Vanguard?

Not to sure how this happen but I am starting back into Vanguard. I have a few running friends I play with in EQ2 and we just a few days ago left the guild we was in to start up one of our own. The name of the newly reopened guild is Insurrection. It was first opened in 2005 by me as something I wanted to toy around with. To find out more you can check my blog on Guildport as Alik Steel.

So as we start doing the things that you do when you open a new guild up or in our case reopening a guild. We start talking a little of VG. Two of us had played VG before and before long the one that had never played before started downloading the new island freebee thing. We end up breaking out our skype’s because we can not find the voice chat in VG. Even after two of us said that we read it some where that VG has voice in it now. I thought that SWG and VG got it at the same time as EQ2. Any way with in just hours of starting a guild in EQ2 we are playing in VG.  I don’t think VG is in any shape to be my main MMO ,but I can see me playing it one or two nights a week as long as my friends are on. That was what killed it for me last time. I was never able to find any one to play with. Every one in the game all ready has a very high level toon and on the norm does not help out nonguilded players. Are maybe thay will but never to the point that could find a running mate. or maybe it was me. who knows. Any way I have running mates now and would like to try VG out once again. This time I am hoping for the best but will keep my eyes open.


So it looks for at lest right now I will be spliting my time between EQ2 and VG. and trying to run a guild in EQ2. Wish me luck )


Alik Steel


October 12, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel, EverQuest II, Vanguard Saga of heroes

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