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Test Server Players

From time to time you hear people talk bad of the people that are full time test server players. It does not matter what MMO game you play that has a test server on it ,you will find people that like to play on it. It was not long ago in EQ2 where you had a guild move from the test sever to a live server and all holly hell broke out over the fact that thay was able to keep things from the test server.

Why do thay care what some othere player may have? Ok I do see why thay do care, but I say give them what ever thay want. Look this was not just some people that logged in just to see what was going to come out next month. Thay was full time testers that played there for years. Test players deal with a lot of stuff. If when something comes out and it has a few things bugged up it ticks most people off. Just think if that was your world all the time. Yes testers play the game, but thay allso pay for it the same as you ,and thay are all ways dealing with bugs. Thay are the reason why when updates come out thay are not unplayable. If a update comes out with 5 bugs, then you can thank the testers for finding the othere 495 bugs before it went live.


I thank you test sever players. You make all my MMO games play better. I tip my hat to you all


Alik Steel


October 5, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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