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What happen to me and Vanguard?

9 months ago all I could do was think about Vanguard. Now all I do is play Everquest II. So what happen? Well when I first got back online I did start playing only vanguard. I played Vanguard only ,and din’t even start back with everquest ii for a good month after going back online. Well the simple thing is that for me everquest ii is flat out more fun. The reason maybe is that I never could find a good group of people to play with. I got in a few group’s all pick up group. Never found a running partner. For me it’s allways about people. Even in everquest ii I am allways in chat. It is true that I solo a lot ,but only about half of my game time. In them times on everquest ii it’s allways when I am harvesting or crafting.

EQ2 I knew ,where in Vg I was having to learn every thing. While learning new stuff in a new MMO is fun it can only hold you for so long. At first I was not even looking for a group. I allways go after the money and level when starting out on a new account. Soon after I had a little of both I started loooking for a group. any group would work at this point ,but even thue there was many people around no one seemed to want to group. Solo was what I ended up doing most of the time. A good 95% of the time. The few people I did git to group with never seemed to want to group again. I need to say right now that I don’t think I am the best person to ever play Vg That would be Luper from the VoV podcast ,nor am I a bad player. As you allready know most MMO’s play the same. Oh there is a little things you need to learn ,but for the most part play one and you can play them all. So I don’t think that I just played to bad for any one to want to play with me. I still don’t know what it was or is that made me so ungroupable in vanguard.

 I did look into maybe finding me a small guild that I could find my way in. No such luck. Every day I logged into Vg I looked. There was many who was taking people in ,but none that looked like thay was at all for me. So I never even asked. Most times the guild I find myself having the best times in are ones that I have group with some of the members before hand. In Vg I never got to group with any one person more than once. Hard to find people you want to guild with when you never can find any one you can group with more than once.

Then Vg is a more of a  grind than EQ2 ,and I do like that thangs don’t come as fast as it does in othere MMO’s. It’s just not what I want to do by myself day in and day out.

I do plan on logging in at lest once a week to keep trying ,and if I do find a even one person that want’s to group with me again then I will log back on the next day. Till then it will be a once a week game.

Mean time I am having a blast in eq2 and have a nice group of people that I like to group with all the time. Then there is allso the guild I am in and it allso has a lot of good people in it.


Alik Steel


September 5, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel, EverQuest II, Vanguard Saga of heroes

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