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Hurricane Maddnest !!!

What in the hell is going on here. I am having to do thing that I don’t want to. Like there is a run on gas ,and food. Yes a run on gas. I din’t see it coming at all.  The Jackasses on TV are telling people ,Hold it ther was was one I saw on CNN yesturday morning that said a hurricane was headed right for new orleans. This was on the 28th. Gustav had not even hit the island of jamaica yet. WTF is that about. Now you have all the idiot’s on the gulf coast running out and buying up everthing in sight. So now I got to go and try and find a place to git me some gas now ,because by the time I would normally git gas it will all be gone. Hell there are a lot of gas stations that are all ready out now. Then as all ways I git our food for the next two weeks on a tuesday. Every othere tuesday is when I git payed so that’s when I do it. Here yet again every one is buying up every thing. Now this is what realy got me. Gas I can see ,It can be used over time. BUT if you realy think that a hurricane is coming. Then you must know if that happen there will be no power for day’s. Last time I was with out power for over two weeks. So why in the hell are people buying up milk and meat. The two thing that you MUST keep cold.

Now thay are talking of two other’s storms out ther that may come our way. Listen to me people don’t go crazy till at lest the damn thing git’s into the gulf.


Alik Steel


August 29, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel |

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