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EverQuest II Guild Hall’s

I ran across some info today. Guild Hall info.
As of the recording I saw from SOE Fan Fair 08


Guild hall will be like so many othere thing as in that you must level up to git things. You must be guild level 30 to start with. In your guild hall you will be able to git NPC’s for things that all guilds need. Menders and brokers and such. Thay did not say what you got and did not git at level 30. SOE did say that at level 30 your guild started out with 15 slot’s for NPC’s and Amenities. After that you must git 5 more level’s to add 2 more slot’s. So at level 35 we will have 17 slot’s and so on like that every 5 level’s you git 2 more slot’s. I think (and this is just me thinking) that it will be like the mount’s and as you level up you not only git slot’s but have a better NPS that sell even more stuff.

There will be 3 tier’s to guild hall’s each tier giving you a bigger guild hall. The first tier start’s in the 5 room house in any of the 5 city’s. Tier 2 will be for Qeynos in the “Hall of Thunder” you know the one place that has all ways been closed. I am sure that FreePort has a place just like it. Been closed to all from the start of the game. For the tier 2 guild hall’s you must be level 50. Now the big boy that we all have seen just off the dock’s of Antonica and Commonlands is the tier 3 guild hall’s. You must be guild level 70. As in all things EQ2 every tier will add to the things that you can have in your guild hall.

Here is the bad news

Ther will be NO STATUS REDTCTOIN in guild hall’s

Tier 1: Price to buy 100 plat no gsp
 upkeep 1 plat 100,00 gsp and yes that is right 100,000 gsp

Tier 2: price 500 plat no gsp
 up keep 5 plat 150.000 gsp

Tier 3: price 1,000 plat no gsp
 up keep 10 plat 200,000 gsp


To me this means that SOE only want’s the very large guilds to have any part in this. I can see the smaller guild breaking up as the members start looking for the large guild’s that is all ready level 80.

I have wanted guild hall’s in the game from the time thay told us of them in beta ,but unless thay break out the nerf bat to the gsp up keep. I just don’t see how most guilds will ever be able to have a guild hall.


Alik Steel


**(Note)** cut all money in half….that is all


August 21, 2008 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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