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Why join a Guild?

As I was writing my last post a thought hit me. Why do people want to be guilded in a MMO?

For me it’s friends ,and guild groups. Allways having the same people around you is a great thing. When you are in a guild group you know how people work there class because you have group with them so many times before. It makes for a better group as far as I can see it. You can trade things with your guild mates. Some may even just give you what you need. You can find things out like “Where is mob X for quest Z?” Some one may know and you don’t have to deal with world ,or zone chat. The up side for a guild is many. There is no way for me to list them all. As allways there would be some down side’s ,but let’s just look at the up side for this.

The reason I asked “why join a guild” is this. Look around your guild and see how many people log in every day and never do nothing with the guild. Some may log in and when you say hi ,you git a hi back. nothing more. just one word. So the next time you see them log in you may try this. “Hi X ,hows thing going?” and you will git maybe two words at best. “hi ,good” and thats it. nothing more like “Hey Nat ,doing good. How’s thing with you?” Now I am not saying to be a good guild mate you have to chat. How about the people that never do any guild group’s or help’s any guild mate out. Heck thay may never even ask for help them self. Thay never trade or give to the guild.

So if you join a guild and you don’t Chat ,Help ,Ask for help ,Trade ,or even give to the guild why did you join a guild in the first place?

I think maybe it’s the fact of just being in one. You play your MMO solo or you have one or two RL friends that you play with and that’s why you never chat or help. The main thing that some people git out of a guild ,or at lest I hope this is what it is. Is that fact that thay feel like thay are a part of some thing. like in eq2 when your guild ding’s thay may never woot or yeas with the rest of us ,but that does not mean that thay are not happy for the guild.

For me being apart of a guild means a lot of things to me grouping ,helping ,gitting help ,chatting ,and just feeling like I am apart of something big is what it is about for me.

Happy Hunting

Alik Steel


August 10, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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