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Having fun in EverQuest II

I have been having so much fun in EQ2 ,I have forgot all othere things. This blog alone with the othere things as well. I have not even logged into VG in a few weeks now. If I am not working ,eating ,or sleeping I am playing EQ2. I have roled up many new alt’s in the last week or two ,and now have a tank ,and a healer moving up in level. My main toon is Natako on the AB server ,He is a Conji and I hit level 31 over the week end. I have been leveling my alt’s and going on a few money grind’s with Nat. Also have did a good bit of mentoring with some guild mates helping out in leveling and quest. 

My guild I am in ,let’s call it S2S for now is going OK. Why not great well as most guilds it has a few thing that piss me off from time to time. Like the fact that our guild leader is allso in a nothere guild. It’s a raider guild she is in and raid comes before our guild. The othere main thing is that no one wants to talk unless the leader is on. That voice or just guild chat ,But when she the leader is on every thing is great. We seem to have a great guild. people talk and helping each othere out. There is one or two otheres that is like me in the fact that we try to keep the guild lively(or ever how you spell that). A few times it’s helped and we got small little guild groups togthere or just got one or two people in the guild to chat for a few. The way I see being in a guild is not like what some otheres see it. Some seem to think that it’s a place to go to when you want to bitch about a person in the game or even how the game is. Othere’s never even look up at the guild chat unless thay need help then thay jump on it. For me it’s that and a lot more. In EQ2 first off it’s take a lot of guild members to help move the guild’s level up. Then it should be a place that when you log in you have people that welcome you with open arms. A place where you make friends and have friends. A place to help not only your friends ,but you help the othere’s in the game….No stop that. I am not saying don’t have fun and never do for your self. I am saying helping people from time to time makes othere’s more willing to help you out later when you need it.  It’s mest up for me right now brcause on some day’s I want to leave my guild ,then othere days I can’t remember what it was that I was hating.

I have knocked out a few HQ’s and many othere quest. Got a mount and starting to git some of the top end armor and spell for my level. Starting on a new account is all ways a long hard road. I am gitting set up good now and being able to help my alt’s is helping. Most people that I run into seems to think that halping a alt is like buying armor and spell’s. For me it’s mainly gitting nice bag’s for the new toon. Where thay can pack away a lot of stuff without running back to town to sell every few kill’s. I don’t do much for a alt as far a armor and spells till I hit level 20. Now that I have money I start my alt’s out with 16 slot bags at the lest. If I did my math right that’s 96 slot’s (6 X 16)for a new toon. Now I can run a round for a little bit with out running out of room.

All in all I have been having a blast with my few new friends in guild. Grouping a lot and checking out all the new stuff that has been put in game from the last year that I was not able to play.

Happy hunting

Alik Steel


August 10, 2008 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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