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What the heck are you wearing?

I was in a group last night and having a good time. It was just us Guild mates playing around making XP. At one point we wipe out. So a few of the members wanted to git a healer. That’s fine and all. I don’t mind dieing now and then ,and I love a hard fight. You know the ones you just don’t know who will die first the Mob or you. Any way we got a healer and as it was ,He was not in a our guild. It was not long into us starting the zone again that the healer started asking our Tank what he was wearing. Now just so you you we had done over half of Fallen Gate already with out a healer.

healer: What are you wearing?

tank: What? it’s just some old stuff.

healer: You can’t tank in that!

tank: Been doing it all night.

healer:Your making it to hard for me to keep you alive!


And so it went on. I ended up gitting into it and a few othere’s as well.  I did git taken aback when one of our on guild mates went with the healer on the idea that you must allways be wearing the top of the line armor. I made sure to let them know that at level 27 I was wearing level 12 armor ,and it’s not even the best lvl 12 armor out there. A few othere said at one time or anothere thay had very old out of date armor as well. The thang is if you have some one who knows how to play there class…say the Tank class it does not matter if he is out there in a dress. The man was gitting the job done. The wipe we had came from me ,Not the tank.


I was just thinking why some people think thay have the right to ask why you don’t play YOUR game the same way thay do there’s. I have found this type of thing in every MMO I have ever played.

Let every one play the way thay want to. If it does not work for you. Don’t play with them.


happy hunting

Alik Steel


August 1, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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