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EverQuest II GU#47 Armor upgrade

The last few day my brother and I have been talking about the next game update for EverQuest II. There will be a lot of cool things being added to the game. The one part that we seem to keep coming back to is the armor upgrades. Check out Traders corner for a lot of info. I have not seen to many people talking about this part of it. I think it is one of the coolest things thay have done. It had to be a lot of work to git all the stat’s redone on all of it. If you did not hit the clicky to Traders corner then let me tell you a little of it and what it may mean. Thay(SOE) are taking all the old armor from when the game first went live and redoing them all. So that the stat’s work better with all the new armor set’s from the last few expansions.

What this means to me is that you want have to just go to the new lands to git the best armor in the game. I myself love the old low level area’s. For level’s 1 to 20 I like the old over the new better. I just hated not being able to git armor with nice stat’s in it. I have tryed some of the newer area’s and thay are fun. Just not for me right now. BUT it’s not just level 1 to 20 this will go all the way up to level 59. This means thay should cover all the old stuff. Yes even heritage quest in the mix.

OK I gave you a link so you can check out what is going in. I don’t feel the need to re-do what has allready been done. It all looks good and lot’s of up sides to this update. But let’s also look at what may be a down side to it.

I can sometimes git big into RolePlaying. The old area’s with there low stat’s work best for that for me. It’s not a cake walk with that armor. When you start a fight ,It’s a real battle and you know that you may not be alive at the end of it. It put’s skill back into MMO fighting. You can’t just keep clicking the same old spell over and over. First off with the old stat’s on the old armor you don’t have that big punch you git from the higher stat’s on the newer stuff ,and you can’t take as much damage as you can with the newer stat’s. For me fighting for my life (yes ,I know it’s only a game) can make the game so much more fun.

I fear that this will make the leveling even faster ,even for people like me that like to take my time and see every thing. I allready have to keep my XP bar locked off so I don’t level to fast. Now the fight’s will be over even faster. For some that’s a good thing. For me it’s not the grined. It’s the challenge of the fight. I know I will git over it and in 6 months want even remember that I was talking about it…


Adding all the new stat’s with all the othere cool things coming out with GU47 will make this a very big game update.


note: If you are looking for good info on EQ2 you may allso want to check out EQ-IQ , podcast.  Also try EQual Perspectives podcast.

and as allway’s check out VirginWorlds for all your News on MMO’s.

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Alik Steel


July 30, 2008 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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    Keep up the good work!

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