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I was checking out the newest The MMOG Nation Broadcast and one or two of them was talking about how thay was wanting to find another style of MMO for there next game. Michael Zenke the Host and wife with two of there friends have been playing EQ2 for the last two years. At one point in the show thay start talking about what game thay should move to. Brian ,Warty ,and Katie all say that after playing fantasy for the last two years that thay want out. Brain and Warty said that thay are done with fantasy MMO’s for right now and want to try something new. While Katie said that she wanted a new non fantasy MMO to play with her friends ,but that she would most likely still come back and keep playing some of her toons in EQ2. While Michael did not say if he was done with fantasy MMO’s or not.


That is how it looks out there right now. I beleave that about 50% (no stat’s to back this up) of the MMO players out there are looking for that non fantasy MMO. There just not that many out there and none that seems to be able to hold a good bit of people in it for very long. What I think is the hardest thing about finding a MMO that can pull lot’s of folks into it is ,That you are dealing with new idea’s and people are having a hard time understanding a class or race. With fantasy  (my generation I’m 38yrs old) we grew up with it. in cartoons and the books we read and just from stories our folks would tell us. We know the type of person a elf would be. How mean a Orc would be. But when you start trying to learn a new race or class ,Things don’t all ways add up for you. Why can this race do this ,and that race do that? add what ever powers or skill you want to and it all adds up to we don’t know them at all and it takes us a long time to warm up to them. That’s why It will have to come from Movie’s or maybe comic books. It’s the only things out there ,that I can think of that we all would know at lest a little of. I was going to say maybe older games as well ,but no ,You are going to only git a few. Look at Diablo ,Lets say this is going to be a MMO. You would hear lot’s of people say ,like thay are now. Of how great it’s going to be. The thing is there is just so many of you out there that has played it.  So while yes you would know the race ,class lore the rest of us would not. Even if it was a great game it would be hard on me to stick around. Then look at Star War’s It looks like it may git a 2nd MMO (NO I don’t know for sure). Take superheroes from the comic books ,You wound not have to be super man to know what was going on. Every one has some style of power. Oh and real human history would work if you had the right people that knew what thay was doing.


I beleave that you most have something that can cross the generation gap’s ,so that all of us know something of the world you are trying to put them in. The fantasy world has be around from the beginning of time and will be here till we as humans are gone. Things will change over the generation’s of time ,but at the hart of fantasy. There would be something that we all would still know.


So I say good luck to any and all that are looking for that next big non fantasy MMO ,You just may find what you are looking for.

But you will be back. This much I know…


good hunting to you

Alik Steel


July 26, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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