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Chicken without a head “Diablo III”

Here we go again…

Before AoC came out you had ton’s of people going crazy. Thinking that this was going to be the MMO of all MMO. People that played in beta said it looked great and ran better than it looked. you had people quit there MMO to go play this new king kong of MMO. Now you find ton’s of people saying AoC was just not what thay thought it was going to be. Then some say it looked bad and played bad.

Did Vanguard teach us nothing?

It seems like a lot of people was saying the same thing before vanguard went live.

Now here we go again with what was just put out for every one to go nut’s about again.

Diablo III

You all ready have people saying this will be the MMO of all MMO. Some are all ready asking each othere what class thay will be playing. I would not put it past some people to all ready have it in the little heads that thay will leave there MMO that thay are playing now as soon as thay can git into Diablo III.

What is it about some game you may have played back in the day that makes you think that this will be it?

Heck I play Vanguard and EQ2 if thay was to say that thay are making new EQ3 or VG2 I would not just quit my game to go jump in it. I have played ton’s of game’s over of my life. A lot of them would seem to be great MMO’s ,and if any of them was to turn into a MMO I would NOT be jumping up and down going nut’s over what may be.

What was the last MMO that came out that just realy made you drop every thing to play it. I am not asking what MMO made you do that ,Then a month or two later you was over it. I am talking what ,hell any game that had you drop every thing and thats all you played. For me that would had to be EverQuest II. Oh yes I play Vanguard now as well. But when I played eq2 for the first time ,there was no othere game I wanted to play. I was playing EverQuest (you know the first one) at the time. A PCgamer had a beta key give away in it. So I went to check it out. From the first time I jumped into that new world I was hooked. Din’t care what othere game was out there. EQ2 was the only game I played for just over 2 years. That is what I am asking ,What was the last game you had that “wow” happen to you? I am sure it was nothing that has came out in the last two or so years and yet every time some one say’s “hey check it out”. Every one goes a running.

 Now I just found out that DC and SOE has hooked up and are making a new MMO. Looks like I will check it out when ever it goes live. Will I leave my MMO’s heck NO. I may not even give it a look untill a month’s down the road after it has went live.


Happy Hunting

Alik Steel


July 21, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel


  1. Who said Diablo III was going to be an MMO?

    Comment by Wilhelm2451 | July 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sorry Wilhelm2451 I did say that ,and you are right it’s still up in the air ,unless you know something I don’t. The way I said it did make it like as if it was going to be a MMO.
    The way this post started was reading a lot of people’s post about how cool it would be if it was a MMO.

    I will try not to write like that any more. I should had stated that no one has said one way or anothere.

    Alik Steel

    Comment by Alik Steel | July 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. Well, I know nothing that you cannot find on the Blizzard web site, but I think that they are going to try to recapture the Diablo II spirit with a game that can be played solo or with a small group.

    I am generally something of a skeptic myself when it comes to people pinning their hopes on some wondrous game of the future (e.g. WAR), but Blizzard has a track record of stunningly great games. I would be surprised it Diablo III wasn’t on par with sliced bread in general awesomeness.

    I am looking forward to it… in about two years I fear.

    Comment by Wilhelm2451 | July 21, 2008 | Reply

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