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EverQuest II GU#47 small talk

Well I am at work ,but with a little time to do something here. So let me git started.

Check out the pic’s of the new mob that will be running around EQ II. I could not find a pic or a vid of it ,but it seem’s like I have seen this mob before ,and I think it was in Evolution that funny little movie from a few years back. It was in the cave. I’ll have to go try and find the movie to check for sure. Any way I thought it was cool that I had seen it from a movie before. GU 47 will be a great update. EQ II will be buffing up all the old armor and wealpons from the old to make it work with the new higher stat’s from all the new stuff. Allso it’s going to give a even bigger bump to the low side. After GU47 all level 1 to 20 spell’s drop from the mob will be for your class or if your in a group will be for some one in the group.


I have not had the time to really play much at all in the last week or so. So there is nothing to talk about in game playing. This should be EQ II weeks for playing ,but that’s not the way it happen with work as it is now. Thay tell me I should have some one here soon to give me a hand. There is not that much that happens around here it’s more of the hours I have to put in. Hopfuly soon I will be able to git back to all my bad habbit’s.


Alik Steel


July 19, 2008 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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