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Rage anger ,What is going on here. A few years ago you started hearing about something called road rage. Before that we called people that acted like that “idiots”. People going stupid over things that no one can do any thing about. Now it seems like we are gitting it in games. You have people with MMO rage going stupid over things that no one can do any thing about. So something in your game changed. You can’t kill a mob in two shot’s ,now it takes three shots. Let me say yes I git upset when some one changes my toon’s class. I just don’t go off and spam about it forever. If something happens that you don’t like. Try taking a night off from your game before you go off half cocked ,and leave the game.  People we need to stop ,take a deep breath ,and count to 10. Think about what is going on. The game makers are not after you. Thay did not point there nef-bat at you. It happens in all games ,well in all MMO’s where after some time thay will have to chang things ,so that the game works better for us all. It was not done to hurt you and kill your toon off. Better yet look around for a 2nd MMO or even a solo game. That way when your main game is having things done to it ,and you start gitting pissed off about it. You have some place to go and still have fun.


Now I am not saying not to git on your fav website or a blog and start saying what is going on. Plzs do ,we may need to know about it. Just don’t keep doing it for the rest of your life. Say it ,git it out there. Talk with your friends about it. That type of stuff helps gitting it out of you. Then when you have every thing that can be said out there. Leave it be. You done your job ,now take that break and go back after what ever time it takes you and try your game again. Don’t log in and sit there for a few and say in world chat this sucks and log back out. Really try the game out. You just may find that it’s not as bad as you thought.


Alik Steel


July 12, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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