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I have done a lot of great things in my 38 years of life. Some things that some will never do.  I have flown a MD 88 and  Boeing 727.  I have seen every state in the lower 48 of the US. I have been to Canada and Mexico. I went angelfish hunting in the Bahamas. I got my amateur radio license allso known as Ham radio license and was part of a group of people that bounced a transmission off the Moon to talk with people half way around the world. I have drove my 4×4 truck in to a mudhole so deep that the water went over the top of my truck and made it out to the othere side. I was into dunnbuggys for a log time. I have even made a short film. There is a lot of stuff that I don’t even remember right now that I have done. I have said all this to make a point. I have had a lot of fun in my life and done some crazy things ,But none of it comes close to the fun I have in my MMO world. I am not talking just in the game it self. I am talking about all of you. You .Me ,and Every one who has any thing to do with MMO’s. I love the MMO games thay are what has us all togethere.


You can’t just count heads and think well if there is so meny in wow and this meny in EVE and on and on. You git the right number of people. No we are few. We are growing slow but we are growing. We are the ones that hit highways and byways to see what is coming around the corner.  Some do it better than othere and then some see it in ways that no one othere do. It’s all good and it works for us. I have never been apart of a any type of world that works in the same way.


With all the things that I have done over the years nothing has been as fun. There is times when I just log in to chat with friends. There are times we I don’t even log into the game because I am so into something on a MMO site. That is what makes this so great. You don’t have to be doing it to do it. Did I loose you there? Hope not ,What I am saying is that you can be bloging or reading a MMO blog. You could be listing to a MMO podcast ,or maybe making your own podcast. You may even be at a MMO website site and looking around at all the great stuff. The thing is there is so meny ways to injoy your MMOG that you don’t even have to log in every day to injoy it. I have some great friends in this MMO world. Thay may not no that we are friends and that’s OK. By reading there blog and listing to there podcast. Even going to there Website you git to know people. You can start feeling like thay are your friends and having friends is allways a good thing. Then the best part. You meet people in your MMOG. Thats right there is real people in a MMOG. You start off being a group mate or a guild mate then so how ,some where ,some times it turns into a real friend. You even bump into people in the game that lives right there in your own town.


I injoy writing this blog and reading all of yours. listing to your podcasts ,and going to all the sites to see whats happening. This is amazing new world we are all in ,and it’s up to us to make it better. We the players are the one’s that have help build this new MMO world that we all live in. So it must be us who watches over it to make sure it stays safe and no one hurts our little world. We all have to work togethere to make it work.


Alik Steel


July 11, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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