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MMO = Time Sink

I wanted to talk for just a few on why I think all MMO’s are time sinks. Most may say that hunting is not a time sink ,but I do. Every thing that is a MMO is a time sink. Ways to keep you in game for the longest time. The Dev’s or who every the powers that be ,want to make a place that keeps you coming back night after night. The grind ,Crafting ,Even Guilds are ways to have you come back time after time. Some are fun ,Some are then things that you have to do ,So that you can go do the things that are fun. (example) You need a mob’s hide ,bone ,or what ever for a quest that is going to give you armor that you want ,and feel like you need. The thing is that this mob only drops the hide or what every as a rare. You end up siting there half the day killing the same thing over and over. You just spent half a day ,so that you would git something that you want. So that it may help you do what you want to do. Most would call any thing that takes time away from what thay want to be doing a time Sink.

Your time sink may not be your friends time sink. Raids ,Crafting ,mini games. Take your pick. What you may love to do. Just may be what some otheres think are time sink’s. It’s what keeps us all in the games and coming back for more. If there was no time sinks. As in things that take time. Then we would all be at the end game wishing that we had something to do.



Alik Steel


July 11, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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