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I am playing Vanguard this week and having a lot of fun. I got past that hard  low level 13. Now it should go a bit better for me in game. Quest are becoming more fun and gitting into more lore of the game. But I’m still having a bad time at finding any one to group with.

I have looked at some of the guild in the guild list.  I don’t know why ,but I just don’t want to start trying out guilds that I have not got into group with any of it’s guild mates. I would love to git in a group with some people from a guild and see how we git along with each othere.

Any way I made me a new toon. Made what I would call a wizard. Sorcerer in Vg is as close as I can git to a wizard. I am having fun learning this new class and area. I went with a half elf( I think) Not sure what the name of the area is ,but it’s the one with all the islands. Well I had not been playing long when I got a random group invite. I am one to not go for some one who just invites any one thay see ,But as I was saying I have been wanting to group with any one for a long time now. Let me back up for a sec. The only groups I have been in while playing Vg is that first week I started. I was never leader and never asking any one how it work. Now that I think about it.  I don’t know if I got any loot from them few grouping I was in. That being said I still was not leader. Din’t care if I was or not. Soon after we grouped up we went a killing. This new person was gitting every drop. I never had a chance I am a nuker ,so I stand off. After about 10 loot drops went to my new friend. I asked if thay could put loot on loto or something like a random loot. I wanted some loot. I am a poor man in game. Hell I am still playing off the money that Beau sent me on my main and thats been over a month ago. My new friend tells me that thay did not know how to do that ,because thay was new. Me being the chatty type in game I start talking about that by the time I remembered that I wanted some damn loot it had been a good hour. So I say let me try being leader so I can try and git some loot. Thats when the group ended. Time to call it a night thing. OK good night and gone with what little loot there was at such a low level.

Even with not gitting any loot I had more fun playing in that group than I have had in the last 2 months of playing. I don’t mean that I have not had any fun soloing all over the place. Just grouping is allwas more fun. Well ok sure there can be times when grouping sucks. Most of the time group picks up the fun level. At lest it does for me. I am starting to think the reason I never got in any groups on my main is because of what race or area he is in. My main is one of them wolfy man things. Not sure what lands thay come from. Up into last night I realy had not made any alt’s. I have the one I made that night I got my brother to join Vg ,and that was allso the last time I think we played. When I first started I made a few but trashed them after I saw I was not going to play them any more.

I would love to find a guild that was just starting up. As a new player(Yes I still think of myself as a new player) I think it would be better to be in a small guild that is just srating off. Every one is happy and big plans are being made. Every one is trying to help each other and the guild at the same time. To where a older large guild is set in there ways Thay have every thing. Oh there is a few people that try and help ,but it feels like thay are just doing it because thay feel sorry for you or something. If thay was to role a new toon and realy play with you would be cool ,but that most all ways never happens. Any way thats why I want to have grouped with some people from a guild before I join them.

I have had a lot of fun in Vg this week and I am sure I will be back on here soon to talk about it.


Alik Steel


July 10, 2008 - Posted by | Vanguard Saga of heroes

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