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I have played EQ2 in the past. Played for around two years or so.

 Now that I am back and playing on a new account. I was going to start all my old favorite classes back up. First thing I did was make me a tank then a nuke. I tryed to git into them ,but just couldn’t do it. I got along better with my wizard than the tank ,but then I wanted to start a new. I made me a pet class. I like playing on the good side so it was a Conjuror. I have played a conji before I just never got into them. For what ever reason this time I did. My name is Natako on the AB server. I locked my level XP off at 10 so I would not level to fast. I wanted to grab as meny AA’s as I could. Allso because I have been playing VG so much it din’t seem like I was seeing much of nothing as fast as I was going with my othere two toons.

 I slowed it down and going to try and keep my crafting up with the same level as my adventuring level. So far so good. The one thing that I did not think of was what a good idea it is to have a pet at such low level’s.

 I harvest for money. NO I do not call what I do farming. I grab every thing trash or not. The one thing that I found out the last time I player EQ2 was that if you clean up the trash as well as all the good nod’s. You will git a better harvest. I use some for crafting and the rest I sell for money. I never undercut to the point that some one could not do the same to me. If I see it selling for 10 gold then I may sell for 9 gold 98 silver and some copper as well.

Any way I am gitting lost here. I was wanting to talk about one thing that I like most about low level (15 I think) conji. As I have a pet and I have went on and hit level 20 in crafting. (I got in a guild so I am using my crafting to make guild points. It’s the fastest way at my level.) So I am having to harvest in Thundering Steps (T3 zone) to git my raw’s and rares. I am running around ares with level 25 and up mob’s it only take 2 or 3 hits for me to die. Here comes the good part. If I mess up and harvest to long where a mob is walking and he jump’s me. I can take off running and my pet will jump the mob ,grab agro and keep it there till I can git away. I have only died 2 times in that zone when harvesting. once I had two mob’s jump me. So pet could not hold two of them. Then right after that( I was gitting cocky ) I got killed because I forgot to have my pet with me. Oh I have died a bunch of time in that zone ,but that was do to me looking around and see what was new and what was not. I have no idea how good this class will be later on ,but for now it rocks


Alik Steel


July 6, 2008 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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