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SOE Hater’s

I would love to know why so meny people seem to hate SOE. I hate no MMO game maker ,I think I sad one time that I hated WoW or Blizzard. The fact is I don’t hate them I don’t play them and I don’t realy comment on them.


I was looking around the web today and checking out some of my MMOrpg sites ,and saw a lot of SOE hate post. It was not just today this was from the last week to today. People still say “SOE sucks .just look at SWG need I say more”  and “SOE droped the ball on Vangurd. Will they never learn that thay can’t make a good MMO” I will not go into why this is BS because if you hate SOE you will not git it ,and if you are not a hater then you know whats up. The one thing that realy got me was I saw on a few comments that some people think that a MMO that add’s expansion is milking the game. Milking? By adding to the game you are milking a game? I just don’t git this. How in hell are you milking something by adding to it? This was said about EQ1 and EQ2. I am NOT going to link this post because I don’t want to add to his hate fest. I juat don’t git it.


On a happy note there was some new show’s that came out on Virginworld Collective in the last few days. I allso think that VoV was making there newest show today so that will be out in a few days. Hope thay got the Vid Cast working.


Any way thats about it. Time to go play….Happy Hunting


Alik Steel


July 2, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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