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Peeping Tom

I have went with a one week on and one week off deal for my games. Not going to try and push them at the same time any more. One week I will play Vanguard only then the next EverQuest II only. There may be times that I log on to deal with the brokers on the games and maybe to just say Hi to some one ,but for the most part it will be one game only per week. I am hoping that this will help me move my toons levels and skills a bit more. I have changed my one week only for EQ2 this week ,becouse I have joined a guild and din’t want to join then not show up for a week. So it will be a two weeker for me there. I will do the same for VG if and when I ever join one there. Othere than my first week in Vangurd I have not been in a group. So with out grouping I don’t see me joining a guild.


Any way I have been having fun in EQ2 ,jumped in VG a few times just to chat a little and the rest of the time been doing some thing that would have never thought I would be….a Peeping Tom. Thats right now that beau has that damn vid cast I can’t seem to not watch. I think I may need to join a group. Is there a PTA out there for peeping tom’s.


Alik Steel


July 1, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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