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Good Bye XP I will miss you …

Are you a Vista lover or hater?

I am not a hater nor am I a lover. I just don’t want to even try something that I hear is so broken. If any of my friends would say “you know vista is work good now.” Then I would try it ,but as of now that is not the case.

Here is why I am talking about OS.  The forced retirement of Microsoft’s Windows XP is set for Monday. I am a XP user. I don’t love it ,but it gits the job done with out me working half the day looking for a fix for it to work on a game. Vista that’s all there is. The few people that know how to make Vista work and the rest of the people trying to find where to find that patch.

It all most looks like Microsoft is trying to push us to Mac. I Don’t want to go ,but I may. As long as my XP still works I will be OK.  I would love to say I don’t understand why microsoft is doing this. The reason I think is money. Flat out money ,I have not checked ,but I would bet that microsoft is making more money off each sell of Vista then they are off of the XP OS. Why would you close up shop on a OS that does not take that much money to keep around unless you are making a ton more money on the othere OS.  I know that micrsoft is not my friend and That they are there to make money ,but that still don’t mean that I don’t wish that they would leave a good OS like XP be.


Thank god that SOE don’t think like Microsoft or all we would have is EverQuest II. Just think how bad it would had been if after the first year of EQ2 going live  SOE said “OK so EQ2 works a little better now ,so we are shutting down EverQuest.” Hell the way Microsoft is doing things. It would be like shutting down EQ2 for Vanguard. Don’t git me wrong I love VG ,but EQ2 runs so much better. I just hope Microsoft makes the money they are hoping for ,because I just don’t see me being a PC fan for long if No one steps up to the plate and makes a OS that is more for the common gamer.


Alik Steel


June 28, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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