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I was looking around the inter webby thang this morning at work an found some thing that I knew was coming but din’t think it would be here so soon. Next month the people playing EverQuest II will get a free VOIP in there game. Every one playing will get it. When you get in a group there it will be for all of you to use it. Guilds and I would hope Raids allso. There will be things to come for it later.
I am very happy about this becouse When SOE has this new toy working with all it’s parts in game for EQ2 players. Then I am sure that the rest of the SOE MMO’s will get it as well. So maybe in the next 6 months or so you will be able to talk with all your in game friends in what ever SOE MMO game you are playing. I have all so read that this will be put into the station laucher. And any one will be able to use it. No matter if you have a SOE MMO or not. That is very cool and shows me that they are after that dang ol 800-pound gorilla.

I was listening to massively podcast and some one said that they was playing 1701 A.D.. I had forgotten about that game. I went and got my download and started playing it last night for about 2 hours. It is a good game and if you are just looking for some thing to kill a few hours this is a good game to do it.

I allso started two new toons. One in Vanguard and the othere in EQ2. Both are pet classes. I love playing them. I suck at playing a pet class ,and yet I keep doing it.

I allso got me a plot of land in Vanguard thanks to Beau Turkey from the VoV podcast. He gave me a little starter money pack in game. It helped me out a lot. Did you know that you could get a plot of land for just over 2 gold? I din’t till I ran across it. I am sitting on the water off some part of Thestra on the X sever. I am getting to the point that I am going to use my map some. I stay lost and if I ever leave my new home I will never find it again. Well unless I was to run all the way around Thestra. That would take most of a day to do that. I at lest need to see where it is on the map so I know where to look next time out.

I have not made much money in VG mainly becouse I am not use to the way you harvest or craft. I have played EQ2 to long. LOL In EQ2 after one hour of shiney huntting I put my stuff up on market in by the next day I had made over a plat. I don’t think I have sold over 10 gold on VG. Now thats on there market. I have made a good bit of money just by sell the trash loot you pick up just from running around in world. I sell that to the little shops around town and make 3 to 5 gold just on trash.

Any way I am going to try some new thing on monday for this blog. Mondays and tuesdays are my off days so I have a little more time to play around with thangs. I am getting real sick of the way this blogger is doing me. I will post this blog just a little after 9am on the 22 of june and yet it will not show up till tonight if I’m luckey. My last blog took 22 hours to show up. I don’t know if it’s some thing I need to chang or if it’s this site. Will look into it.

Alik Steel


June 22, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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