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SOE Fan Boy?

I think I may be a SOE fan boy.SOE as a MMO company is a great company for the players. I know ,I know ,You don’t have to say it. What about SWG NGE? Well SOE shot there own foot then. They allso did what they wanted and made it more of a game that any one could play and become any class they wanted to. I myself left the game right after NGE and it was not becouse they made it where any one could be my class. It was becouse they took my class away. I logged in and had to pick a new class. There just was nothing that I wanted to play so off I went.
This is why I think SOE is a great MMO company for players. SOE saw that they did some thing that made all most 50% of there players leave the game. It may have been more players that left I don’t play with the numbers. I just know that a lot of people left the game. Now they got the new players they wanted ,but it did not match the same nubers that left the game from what a lot of web sites said. So after they had there NGE running good SOE started trying to find ways to put some of the thing that SOE took out of the game. Like my class. Now you all most have every thing that was there before NGE. Well not every thing ,The hard core grinders can’t be the only Jedi in the game. Still any one can be that. The thing is SOE saw what they did . Said to us the players SORRY about that. Then went to try and fix the game.

Not meny MMO companys would do that. If a MMO company does some thing wrong they may just shut up and hope it all blows over. The othere MMO companys never try and redo what they did wrong. Not only does SOE say we F__ked up and we are sorry then try and fix it.

They keep games going that all othere’s would just shut down. MXO ,PS ,SWG ,VG Should by all othere MMO companys be dead games. Thanks to SOE all these great games are still running and the core players get to in joy the games they love. No not all of the games get new expantions for them ,but they all have a small team of people that keep adding little thing into the games. Keeping them alive.Vanguard had a very bad start. Even as it was all falling apart SOE stepped up and took up the fight for VG. Vanguard if not for SOE would be dead. Now that SOE got the MMO it is making a come back. It’s slow going ,but will become a nice size game. SOE even thinks some time next year there will be an expansion for this would be dead game.

They allso have the SOE station pass. $30.00 dollers the price of two MMO a month and you can play what? 6 MMO right now ,and will be adding two more soon. Tell me what othere MMO company does that?

Then there is the two big reason I like SOE … Vanguard saga of heroes and EverQuest II
The two MMO’s I play.

Alik Steel


June 21, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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