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So anothere late night post

Well the only time I got to play VG was this morning before work. I got a few quest done and got about a half a level out of it. Then off to work I went. Starting at around 11am I started calling EBgames to see if my Spore creatue creator had made it in. I got the OK about 4pm just one hour before I clock out of work. Made my way to the store got it and went home. I loaded it up and started to play is was great I had it all and could make some great creature’s. After the first few I started making the one I would keep. After my first one my Brother came in and so I let hime try it. 4 hours later he had only one done. It just sat the playing with it doing nothing. Any way when he was doing his thang I went an cooked. Then watched two hours of ghost hunters. Then I got to play a little more with my new ummm Game? Any way kicked out a few and then hit my sites to look to see what had happen today. So there is my day ,seem short the way I write it but very long. Here is some of the Creature’s that we made.
(note) Sorry the pic’s are on top. It’s late and I can’t seem to find a way to put them on bottom of the post. Will play around with that later.


June 19, 2008 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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